PPC Tips – Part 1

PPC – Pay per Click

  • Create multiple variations of PPC landing pages for carrying out A|B split-testing. You may test several options by altering page headlines, message, text, color, layout, form fields and page length to check which page performs better. You can improve your campaign performance by as much as 500% using these methods and make your PPC budget go far.
  • Keep a track on your conversion rate. You can do this by checking your site stats and see how many clicks it takes to register a sale. These stats will help you to determine how much you can afford to invest on your PPC campaign. If we assume that you have a product that gives you $15 profit and it takes 100 user clicks to get a sale. It means that you can bid 15 cents per click to achieve your break even.
  • It is a good idea to study the PPC ads that appear above and below your own ads in the search engines. Analyze if other ads are more appealing to a potential buyer and improve yours accordingly. This will improve your click-through rates. Also analyze the landing pages of the competing ads to make sure your page is more relevant to the keyword search string and more appealing than your competition. This will improve your conversions.
  • Key to a successful PPC campaign is to create a sense of urgency by using phrases like “limited time,” “offer ends soon,” “today only,” and “the first 50 visitors.” If the visitors know that your offer is limited and will end soon, there are more chances of them clicking on your ad.
  • Instead of directing the visitor to the home page of your website, the landing page from your PPC ad should ideally be the exact product or service page that your customer is looking for.
  • Keep a close eye on synchronization if your PPC ads contain items that frequently change on your website landing page. It can be some shipping policy, offers, prices, or discounts. Don’t let a searcher find an incorrect ad copy and have a bad experience with your site.
  • It’s important to test the ROI (total profit-total cost) for each position of your PPC campaign to find the most ideal position for your PPC Ad . You may be surprised to know that in lot of cases, there is more money to be made from being in positions 3-6 because of the lower cost of attaining those visitors.
  • Adding up multiple ads in a single ad group is always beneficial as we can test a variety of ad messages in this manner. The reason is that, in some cases, one ad outperforms the other in terms of click through rate, however another ad will yield to more conversions.
  • Apart from using Google keyword tool (with the synonym check box), you may also want to use thesaurus which is not only great tool for expanding your negative keyword list but also your main keyword list. With the list you have now, it’s not a bad idea to consult even your family and friends for further possible keyword variations. This is a more creative way of finding the most yielding key phrases for your PPC campaign.
  • Google, Yahoo and MSN have their own website network on which they distribute your PPC ads. Many sites are fraudulent and hence don’t provide you quality traffic. So you might consider to check your website stats and find out websites that bring you traffic with high bounce rate. Google Adwords facilitate you to exclude these domains by entering them into “negative excluded sites” folder. In case of Yahoo and MSN you will have to call them to handle the situation.