Why should we use the PPC model for search engine placement?

Search engine placement is probably the most effective means of driving highly pre-qualified prospective customers to any web site. The most controllable form of search engine placement is the pay-per-click model. Being found in organic search results is a great bonus. But if you want to start generating leads and sales tomorrow, and have the budget to pay for ads which appear near popular key-phrase searches, you don’t wait. You do PPC.

Pay-per-click search listings allow companies to bid for placement within the search results users select. It does cost more in many cases, but the predictability and stability means that the ROI is also more stable. PPC is incredibly effective, reliable and cost-efficient compared to other advertising.

With the PPC listings one pays nothing for impressions. A thousand people (all pre-qualified by their own search terms) can view the listings and get the branding message and you pay nothing for it unless they click through. Pay-per-click search engine advertising is highly targeted and the results are highly quantifiable, particularly when you use sales conversion tracking.

Some benefits of PPC:

Realistic for all businesses, regardless of size. PPC can create a level playing field for small businesses, especially if you are smart about picking the right keywords. Your ad might be right above or below a large business depending on how much you bid for keywords or phrases and the kind of words you target.

Immediate results. Research, set up and implementation of pay-per-click campaigns can happen in just a few days time, as opposed to natural rankings which can take weeks or months to gain a ranking. With PPC, you can start seeing results – and generating sales – the day your ad goes up.

Real-time trackability. “Trackability” is our favorite word around here. We track the effectiveness of various keywords and phrases, which ads generate the most traffic, conversion rates, and much more. And there’s no lag time to know if your ad is working. Plus, we can make changes on the fly.

Focus on a targeted audience. Maybe you have a local customer base and want to stay within 50 or 100 miles of your business. If so, then we have the ability to target users in the exact area you designate. Another way to target your audience is by the specific keywords and phrases you choose. In essence, you are pre-qualifying your customers before they ever land on your site.

Budget size is up to you. Depending on how much you want to invest and what kind of sales or leads you want to generate, you can set your budget as large or small as you like. You can control your costs per visitor at all times.

Used as a testing ground. It can be used as a testing ground for SEO, you can experiment with different keywords/titles/descriptions and when you hit on a winning formula then look to integrate that combo for SEO purposes.

Our Unique Customer Psychology Profiling (CPP): The potential audience of the client is psychologically profiled by our experts, for assessing their needs during their online search cycle. This gives us indication of potential low-bid keywords, which continue to address such needs. For example, if you have a ´Real Estate´ client, he would like to expose the ads to people searching for ´Real Estate´. However, these keywords can get very expensive to bid on. At the same time, someone searching for ´School Districts´ or ´Moving Company´ is also probably planning relocation and is looking for a house amongst other things. Advertising on such keywords for Real Estate can get high returns on low-bids. This helps bring down the overall average bid for the campaign.

Our Unique Visitor Convertibility Analysis ©: Study of various metrics  – like look and feel of site, competitor advantage, ease of buying etc. based on the CPP© report, Finalized Keywords and the objectives of the campaign.

Industry proven experience in Keyword Research: We have done detailed keyword research for over 200 different clients for various online marketing campaigns.

Dedicated account manager and team: we would have a dedicated team of an account manager, account executive, copywriter and accounts in charge working for your project.

Professional Ad copy writing for each Keyword: Our professional copywriters would be writing the ad copy of each ad for the campaign after studying various reports like campaign objectives, CPP© report VCA© etc.

Campaign monitoring and tweaking on a daily basis: We would be monitoring and making changes to your campaign specification on a daily basis.

A/B Split Testing: Done to evaluate the effectiveness of-

  • Different keyword, same text ads to common landing page
  • Same keyword, different text ads to same landing page
  • Same keyword, same text ads to different landing pages

This gives us indication of best performing combination. We drop the combinations that do not perform well so as to increase the website traffic ROI of the campaign.