Valeo helps clients create killer automated campaigns as a SharpSpring partner.

Let’s Celebrate! Valeo Is a SharpSpring Partner

We love marketing automation, and not just because we’re geeks who love to play around with awesome systems. We love what marketing automation has done for email nurturing, and how it’s changing the way marketers think about who their customers are and what they need.

And we’re not the only ones. Marketo & Ascend2 noted just last year (2015) that “91% of the most successful users agree that marketing automation is ‘very important’ to the overall success of their marketing across channels.” There are 11x more B2B organizations adopting marketing automation than there were 4 years ago, and this number is increasing across industries. Everyone is using this, from B2B to colleges and universities.

Last fall we became a Hatchbuck Partner, which we talked about here. And now we’re thrilled to announce we’ve expanded our services to include the Cadillac of Automated Marketing platforms: SharpSpring.

What is SharpSpring?

Simply put, SharpSpring is one of the most robust marketing automation systems available. It’s a CRM and marketing automation platform full of incredible features. Here’s just a brief list of what SharpSpring can help you do:

  • Build compelling and automated 1-to-1 messaging campaigns.
  • Create and integrate forms for improved conversions.
  • Build granular workflows to ensure you contact leads at exactly the right moment.
  • Integrate VisitorID to identify twice as many visitors as other marketing automation platforms
  • Monitor your pipeline with a full-featured CRM, or smoothly sync up with your own CRM.
  • Get real time campaign data with reports that also pulls in data from AdWords and Call Tracking.

It also has a pretty sleek interface that makes it intuitive (if not fun) to use.

Why Our Clients Care About Us Being A SharpSpring Partner

As a SharpSpring partner, we are a valuable asset for our clients. We’ve learned the ins and outs of the system to build multi-faceted automated campaigns that attracts and nurtures new leads and helps turn current customers into huge fans.

Ready to see for yourself how this works? Contact me for a demo and I’ll be happy to show you!