Make sure you get your head in the cornerstone content game.

How To Have Great Cornerstone Content Pages

Cornerstone content is crucial for any content marketer, for any website. You might have heard the phrase tossed around but wondered what makes it different from a blog post or any other content on your site.

Why do I need cornerstone content?

Cornerstone content is content that offers essential, basic information that any visitor can understand immediately. It’s what a visitor uses to know what you do and how you do it. If a visitor lands on your page and can’t figure that out, the visitor won’t stay long on the site.

Great cornerstone content means your page ranks well in Google searches and satisfies visitors, turning them into readers, subscribers, and customers. The question, then, is how do you create great cornerstone content?

The folks over at copyblogger recently shared an infographic, 11 Essential Ingredients Every Cornerstone Content Page Needs. Not only is it visually engaging, but also also handy in reminding us what we should keep in our content cupboards.

It includes some great basic ingredients (the milk and eggs, if you will): conducting great keyword research, writing great headlines, and paying attention to SEO. It also includes many other ingredients to build a great page that make visitors feel good about your brand.

I love this infographic because of its emphasis on how to write great copy for the page, from the introduction to format, with all points lined out in one great visual. It can be easy to forget about social media, as well, as we learn to shift away from vanity metrics and toward real analytics. Copyblogger reminds us the important role social share can play too, especially in getting out the word of new pages or information.

Take a look at all the key ingredients of a great cornerstone content page.

Copyblogger Cornerstone Content Infographic

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