{Infographic} Nonprofit Donation Motivations

Did you know there’s a formula to successfully bonding with your nonprofit’s donors?

You have to nurture your donors, who may still act like confusing cats.Time + Effort + Grape Jelly + Engagement + Glitter = Pure donor lovin’

As we’ve previously mentioned, you have to nurture your donors (and your leads) by engaging them via social media or email. It’s not like bonding with your cat, who just wants you to feed them, then pretend they don’t exist until the next chow time. Use the two-step method below to enchant your donor’s hearts and smack them right in the simplicity bone.

Step 1: Appeal to the heart, not the mind.

We’ve published several blog posts recently about nonprofit organizations submitting email appeals to donors. So, it’s obviously time to discuss it some more! Studies show people are more likely to give to a charities that tug at their heart strings. Just to give you an example: In 2002, more than $48,000 was contributed to save Forgea, a dog stranded on a ship adrift in the Pacific Ocean.

Step 2: Onay overway-omplicatingcay!

Translated from Pig Latin: Don’t over-complicate! As in, don’t over-complicate the act of giving. Do you know the #1 way people are donating? Checkout donations! Why? Because it’s RIGHT THERE. People are more willing to give when the option is directly in front of them and super simple. Be sure you have a visible ‘Donate’ button on your social media pages and on your website.

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