{Infographic} Nonprofit Communication Trends 2013

Isn’t this time of year magical? The smell of sunscreen in the air, the comfortably warm evenings, your next door neighbor sunning in just his cowboy hat and boxer shorts… Maybe that’s just a Texas thing.

nonprofitSince we’re about mid-thigh deep into 2013, it’s time we have THE talk. You know, the one about goals. How many of the goals that you set at the beginning of this year have your accomplished?

Don’t beat yourself up if your number of completed goals is less than 1. The middle of the year marks another great starting or re-evaluation point for new objectives. This time around, consider setting attainable subgoals as stepping stones to your big honking goals.

To determine subgoals, first consider what your nonprofit’s goals are. Would you like to obtain more donors? As you can see from the infographic below, this is the ultra-mega must-reach goal of the year for most nonprofit organizations.

Now, how do you intend to reach this goal? Are you currently only marketing locally? All good, except how can non-local potential donors know you exist? Here’s where your stepping stones come in.

The internet has become a vital place for nonprofit organizations. Start by creating social media accounts to attract and engage supporters/donors. Send out emails regarding fundraisers or events. Create a blog schedule and produce quality, entertaining posts on your site. These are all fantastic ways to get you, your organization, and your site noticed.

If you’re already using these methods, go deeper into the crevices between your subgoals. Tweak your current methods and don’t underestimate the power of tapping new sources. Sometimes the untouched, odd methods could be your ticket to reaching your target audience. Plan a different flavor of social media contest. Adventure more with your email or blog writing. Start a discussion with your supporters via Facebook. Then encourage them to get their friends involved.

Proceed into the second part of 2013 with a renewed look at your goal setting processes. For a longer look at what’s working for other organizations, check out the infographic below.

Nonprofit Communication Trends, 2013

Many thanks to: juliareich.