{Infographic} Non Profits and Benchmarks Study

Running an online marketing or awareness campaign can be a fruitless attempt if you don’t know where to set the bar- otherwise known as Benchmarks.  Just like everyone else,  nonprofits have to be aware of attainable benchmarks. It’s important to have realistic expectations in order to know if the goals you set are going to be an achievable accomplishment or a disappointment.

There are several different areas that nonprofits can have set

benchmarks to signal a turning point within their campaign.

  • Email Messaging
  • Online Fundraising 
  • Social Media
  • Mobile List Size

Having set benchmarks are also a great way to adjust your course and make some tweaks to direct your results more towards your goal.

It’s important to maintain a close watch on whether your efforts are being productive and delivering the results you’ve expected based on the goals you’ve set.  Building your plan with “checkpoints” is very helpful in keeping everything manageable and able to be adjusted if needed.

From Pinterest, another great way to publicize your nonprofit, here is a great infographic that highlights some areas to be sure to cover:

2012 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study

To view the full e-benchmark study infographic, click HERE

Here at Valeo we like to help our clients with identifying their goals and then building a campaign that allows them to make those goals a reality.   We begin by gathering all existing data of where their platform for their business or nonprofit  is currently standing and. This allows us to help them navigate through the possible ways to improve their current standings, numbers and activity.
How closely have you studied your progress?  We can help you break it down and offer some ways to keep that forward momentum.  Email or give us a call today and we can get started!