{Infographic} The Mobile Lives of College Students

Look at all these college students running around with their fancy smartphones and elaborate haircuts! Thinking they know all there is to know about technology….

Well, the fact of the matter is they probably do. Being raised in an age where tablets/smartphones act as both communication devices and knowledge-enhancing tools have given students a deep desire to keep up with the latest technological advances and trends. For colleges and universities, this means expanding your online marketing efforts to include a mobile marketing strategy.

Mobile marketing has become an extremely essential part of any higher education marketing campaign. Everything from your school’s website to emails sent out to prospective students must be optimized for mobile devices. Many colleges and universities have even started creating their own apps to gives students a heads up on class cancellations, upcoming events, or course information. Below are three apps created by colleges for current students, potential students, and alumni.

Arizona Mobile

Created by the University of Arizona, this app contains interactive maps, searchable course catalogs, videos, contact information, and more. The Arizona Mobile app even contains a section dedicated to local restaurants and meal plan balance.

University of Alabama App

Here’s an app for students of or interested in learning more about (you guessed it) the University of Alabama. Need a quick look at course schedules or instructor info? It’s all right here in in the University of Alabama App!

ECU Mobile

This app from East Carolina University allows students to get in touch with their Inner Pirate. No, really. Students can keep in contact with others through ECU’s Inner Pirate social network. Be careful though! It’s rated…get ready…Arrrrr!

Besides chatting with others about life on the high seas, ECU’s app gives students access to full academic course information among other extremely convenient features.

These are just a few colleges who are taking advantage of the mobile craze. Scroll through the infographic below to see the other popular uses students have for their mobile devices. Does your college or university have an app? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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