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{Infographic} Higher Education Social Media Goals

Since the dawn of the social media era, teenagers and young adults have been the first to pounce on the online interaction craze. Colleges and universities are taking the hint and joining the social media revolution in order to form connections with their target social mediademographic. However, higher ed institutions aren’t the only ones paying attention. It seems the geniuses behind the social media curtain have also taken note of this more recent development.

A phenomenal example of this is the good ol’ B2B site, LinkedIn. LinkedIn recently announced they are lowering the age requirement to 14 in the U.S. (13 in some countries) and adding University pages. With these fancy new University pages, high school students will have the ability to interact with a university’s administration and alumni firsthand.

From the infographic below, you can see the numero uno social media networking site in 2012 for colleges to connect with potential students was Facebook. On the same chart, you can see where LinkedIn came in 4th place. With this new development, do you believe LinkedIn will become the higher education go-to site for student relations? Give us your opinion in the comments section below!

Have a look at the infographic to find out what social media networks are the most popular with colleges and universities, plus how they’re being utilized.

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