{Infographic} Higher Education and the Interwebs: A Love Story

Teachers around the globe are settling into swanky digital offices and their door is literally always open. How is this possible you ask? Social media! Social media is progressively becoming the new norm within the higher education realm. By creating a public social higher educationmedia account on Facebook, a handful of teachers are making themselves available to students for answering questions regarding assignments and coursework. Actually, when we say a handful, we mean 90% of teachers.

Yeah… 90%.

Teachers aren’t the only ones skillfully wielding the social media sword. We know you love statistics as much as we do (get your fix by checking out the infographic below) so here’s another for you to chew on: Did you know nearly 85% of college admission offices are utilizing social media? This proves to be a highly effective method of forging bonds with college-bound students, while also creating a virtual hotline containing important updates for current students.

The point? Mixing multiple facets of higher education with the internet equals a complete and total WIN. The benefit of enhancing your school’s online presence is extremely beneficial to your faculty and present/future students.

Is your college making its mark in the online galaxy? Need a boost to get started? Let us help!

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Many thanks to: edtechmagazine.com via CHAD IAN on Pinterest