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{Infographic} Conquer the World With Social Media

Have a looky-loo at the infographic below showing the cities with charities rated the highest for financial health, accountability, and transparency. As you can see, the nonprofits in these locations are doing a bang-up job of capturing a donor’s interest.

social mediaBut what progressive methods are these nonprofits using to attract donors?

Your mind may automatically jump to the fact that all these places are metropolitan areas. In other words, a more dense population = more donors. This logic is correct, but only to an point.

Location & population used to be some of the most essential ingredients for cooking up a successful nonprofit organization. These days donors are looking for an added kick to their nonprofit pasta in the form of social media.

Social media connects all ranges of organizations, big or small, with other Facebook/Twitter/Google+ lovin’ donors, no matter where in world they are. Heck, a nonprofit org in Why, Arizona could even inspire support from an individual living it up in Why Not, Mississippi.

Besides the location situation, social media adds a much needed degree of engagement to your nonprofit/donor relationships. Even groups who have achieved nonprofit “celebrity” status know a little nurturing can go a long way.

In closing, location has only so much to do with your nonprofit’s success. Creating a successful internet marketing campaign, with some delicious social media action thrown in, is the way to build a nationwide following. What social media network have you found the most success on? Tell us in the comments section below.

Already have accounts on all the major social media networks? Step one of your plan for world domination is complete! Don’t have time to put “Step Two: Posting and Engagement” into action? Leave it to a team who knows this mission all too well….

social media