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{Infographic} 4 Social Archetypes Following Your Nonprofit

Is your nonprofit organization holding a fundraiser? Need folks to spread the word? It’s not a problem as long as you know the social archetypes following your nonprofit!

First off, you need to understand empowerment is in the eye of the beholder. Pinpointing what or who empowers a large group is a tough call. If empowerment were food, one person may find chocolate cake with rainbow sprinkles empowering while another demands pickled pigs feet in bright green lime sauce to get things done (you get the idea). Here’s a list of the four social archetypes and tips on what empowers them most:

  • Key Influencers – Engage this group regularly. Offer sneak-peeks and backstage passes.
  • Engagers – Same as above. Regular engagement is key to winning this group’s support.
  • Multichannel Consumers – Be interactive. Request feedback, votes, or personal stories from this group.
  • Standard Consumers – Requires very little engagement. A personal experience with you or your foundation will turn this group into lifetime supporters.

Use these tips to empower different types of supporters and organize successful fundraisers! Want to know more? As School House Rock taught us “It’s great to learn ‘cause knowledge is power!” Have a look-see at the infographic below for additional info on each archetype and a few informative statistics indicating which group more prevalent in specific situations.

Many thanks to: via Cristiano on Pinterest