Web Design Tips – Part 2

  • Before starting the HTML of a website, make sure you have final pixel perfect PSD design of the internal and external pages. Making structural changes after final HTML conversion can be very time wasting. Try to follow these design principles for better looking designs which prompt user action.
  • Never compromise on the quality of pictures on your website as it has the power to make the most ordinary piece of design look like an amazing piece of art work. If you are low on budget and scared to spend dollars for the perfect image at a site like Veer, you may get your hands on non-commercial image providers like stock.xchng or Flickr, but do make sure that the license behind the photo allows its use. For commercial work, there are multiple microstock websites like iStockPhoto.
  • Follow these eight golden rules of Interface Design for providing a rich user experience and an optimized traffic retention for your website.
  • Making a website design compatible for all browsers is a time consuming task for most of the web designers. It can be a real pain at times. Consult a list of the most commonly found CSS IE bugs that you are most likely to come across in the website design phase.
  • CSS Float attribute is undoubtedly one of the most messed up attribute by web developers and we can’t blame it on float theory for this. Perhaps it’s the misconception about the float attribute that causes such a problem. A floated box is positioned within the normal flow, then taken out of the flow and shifted to the left or right as far as possible. Content may flow along the side of a float.
  • In advertising media, using animal and human Mascots to induce positive feelings in the target audience has always been a useful sales ploy. Even on the internet, many website owners use vibrant color schemes, photos and illustrations to leave an ever lasting impression on visitors of the website. Animals and human-like creatures are used more frequently than abstract creatures. Justin Bird, Twitter, BobrDobr & Potatoparade are good examples of how perfect Mascot designs look.
  • Website designing is not just about throwing text and pictures in a three column design. The tinniest of spaces should also be used properly with minimalistic designs. These designs do not impress with the amount of presented information but with the way the information is actually presented.
  • The time your website takes to load is one of the biggest turn on’s or turn off’s for any user. In order to reduce the load time, you must minimize graphics, flash and scripts as these hugely increase your file size.
  • When using frames be sure to include the META description and META keywords on the document containing the FRAMESET. It is always good to include a full description of your site along with all the important keywords between the and tags.