Small Business Marketing with Facebook

I was ask to speak at a conference today for various small business owners at the Helen Brett Jewelry and Gift show.  The original topic they proposed was about setting up a Facebook page for small businesses.

I didn’t wanna talk about setting up a Facebook page

My assumption is that most folks have a Facebook presence by now, so when I started putting this presentation together the night before – I tried to think of the best ways that I could help small business owners with an existing Facebook presence take it to the next level.

Besides, you don’t need me telling you how to setup a Facebook page for your business, I’m sure they are plenty of videos on YouTube (probably featuring some 14 year old kiddo) that explain those basics.

Here’s what I came up with:

  1. Recognize and harness the fact that the web is extremely visual these days, and find creative ways to show your products with images on your page.  
  2. Understand EdgeRank and why using something like images that have a higher probability of engagement is crucial.  Most of your audience doesn’t see your posts, so you need to combat that with your content.
  3. Creating the content to “feed the beast” is difficult, but that’s the fuel in the Facebook engine!  Also touched on the importance of blogging, and how that gives you something to post.
  4. Use Facebook as a method to fill your email lists.
  5. Experiment with Facebook ads, because Facebook is increasingly limiting the reach of your page without them.  Ads are also the best way to blow up your FB presence with targeted “likes.”

Here’s a copy of the presentation: