Sales Messaging Affecting Conversion Rates

Most people aren’t aware of how much sales messaging affects conversionrRates. Especially when it comes to knowing what works and what doesn’t work. Did you know that the color of your site’s buttons could make a huge difference?

Red buttons seem to get better activity than green buttons and it is said that your conversion rate will go up 21% by switching from a green button to a red one for your “Add to Cart” button to be specific.

Statistics also say that adding an arrow to the call to action can increase CR by more than 20%.  This directs users right where you want their eyes to go.

Six Easy Steps to Getting a High Converting Order Button:

  1. Make the headline big, bold, and red
  2. Add a dashed red border to draw the eye in
  3. Add a price drop, an orange button with navy text has been proven by top online retailers to increase response
  4. Navy text gives the feeling of trust
  5. Add a hyperlink below the button
  6. Credit card symbols establish trust and make the order button stand out.

Next time you want to increase your conversion rates try these steps of sales messaging.