Use IP Targeting to Reach Your Donors and Alumni

I’ve got some good news. I’ve found the Gadget Arms of online marketing.

With IP targeting, we place banner ads directly into the homes of specific individuals. It matches physical addresses to IP addresses and beams the ads straight in.

It’s like retargeting and direct mail’s cooler and more talented sibling.

A Low-Risk Strategy For Big Results

What we love about IP targeting is that it is a cost-effective way to

  1. Measure the usefulness of direct mail campaigns. You can use it with direct mail (like an A/B or a control test) and see exactly how more effective IP targeting is for you.
  2. Get more control over your campaigns and see real numbers. No more guessing games.

IP Targeting is One Gadget Institutional Advancement Shouldn’t Pass On

On the institutional advancement side, IP targeting is perfect for advertising specific events, fundraisers, or campaigns. As with PPC ads, they link directly to landing pages.

You get top-notch data from these campaigns. It is impossible to get the same analytics with direct mail alone. You know how many times your ads are shown, to whom, and how many times they’re clicked.

Folks like to call it the direct mail of the internet. (But you can call it the gadget arms of marketing, if you want.)

We put together a nifty infographic of exactly how it works. Check it out!

IP targeting is a great addition to your donor and alumni outreach.



See how many of your contacts could be reached this way!