How to promote an event successfully using EventBrite

You want/need to throw an event, so what do you do?

I’d recommend for a couple of different reasons. I’m not going to compare all of the available services out there, but I am going to give you some quick tips that we’ve found to be really effective at promoting events using this service:

1) Create your event and put some time into it!
There are a ton of events being setup out there.  Put a little time into yours, and you will see a pay-off in ticket sales.  What do I mean by putting some time into?  Don’t just take all the defaults!  See following points for more info

2) Be descriptive, and for the love…. make it interesting
No one wants to attend an event that looks about as exciting as racing your grandmother to church on a Sunday morning.  I can’t tell you how to be interesting, but i can tell you that being boring will definitely impact your sales.  Put some personality into it!  Make it sound like something that you would want to attend. And… get feedback!  That always helps…

3) Use a custom header
If you’re not a designer, or don’t know one- then you might be out of luck on this one.  But if you can, try to use custom graphics that will make it look snazzy