Super-Sexy Higher Ed Email Strategy

Why does everyone groan when I ask how they go about producing a strategy for email engagement?

My clients will pay us top dollar for a strategy without batting an eye. No flinching. Hands-down they do ~not~ care to do them. Even prospects are contrite when this question rolls around during discovery.

One new client I was doing a Roadmapping Session for lowered his voice conspiratorially, telling me “We do a piss-poor job of it. We fail at it…fail miserably.” He looked around the room as if he had committed a grave crime. I nodded with compassionate understanding. Half-expecting him to put his head in his hands, I cringed. I was all set to offer a pithy “there, there”, I wasn’t going to hug the dude.

There’s a lot of reasons a good strategy isn’t put together. You’re busy. Deadlines creep up and say “boo!” Fairy godmothers aren’t flitting about in the clouds with tactical mindmaps in their ivory fingertips passing out magic email marketing shoes… There’s no secret formula. Each college is different.

I get it. Planning takes planning.

As a consultant, I build a custom scope of work. Naturally, I start at the beginning with the strategy, whatever it may be. For my new client, it was a painful reality he needed to remedy. The sooner the better. Pretty dang sure he just needed a starting point and a knowledgeable guide.

So, Dr. Whom-I-Shall-Not-Name, I am writing just for you. I feel for you, Buddy. I’d give you a hug after all.

I am always going to beat you over the head with email nurturing strategy. No grumbling. This is tough love. You know you need it. I’ll make it as fun as I can for you.

Like, I can fill you in on efficient ways to segment audiences, even by behavior. Better yet, create content specific to those segments. Plot it all out using editorial calendars. Deliver it up piping hot into their hungry inboxes. It’s juicy, titillating fare. *waggle brows*

Getting information to the right people at the right time is my jam. The sum of experiences for one human triggers an action. Maybe they order a pizza. Better yet, maybe they request your financial aid options for their preferred degree.

Whoa, that’s a lot to think about at once, you say? Also, pizza sounds good.

That’s why I’m going to give it to you in bite-sized chunks, Dr. Strategy-Avoider. I’ll give you a set of easy steps for creating that kick-butt email nurturing strategy. Over time, in a series of blog posts. Enjoy it serially or binge it all.

I’ll even introduce you to my favorite show pony that knows all the tricks and dance steps you’ll need, her name is SharpSpring and she’s a beauty. You just have to put the act together. Check out my next post. It’s a guide to failing at email marketing. Never will it seem so easy to accomplish.

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Catch you on the flip-side!