First blog… and away we go

Well I suppose it’s time that I finally start practicing what I preach and get a blog started.  How many times I’ve belabored the point that blogging is an important part of how you position your organization online, as well as an important part of good organic SEO. So let’s talk a little bit about why I would mention that to our clients and let that lead us into who we are.

I am the Managing Project Director at Valeo Design & Marketing, Inc. which is a Memphis, TN based Internet marketing agency.  We are one of the few firms in our area that offer such a comprehensive array of services designed to drive traffic and increase conversions for our clients’ sites as well as providing web design and development services to exceed every need.

This company started for one reason:  because there is a lack of people out there who understand what it takes to meld the business sense that it takes to grow a business with the technical savvy that it takes to actually pull it off.  And, of course, we try to throw in a just a little bit of ‘sizzle’ just for good measure and to make our clients stand out.  Which actually leads us to our company motto:  “Stand Out Among Millions”

In this uber-competitive landscape where everyone online is competing for first place in the largest marketplace that has every existed, we understand what it takes to succeed online and we have the vision and the resources to make you stand out among millions on the Internet.  If you even want to find out more then check out our site at

If this were a whitepaper then I would say that over the course of this, I plan to cover the following topics….  but that is not really the reason for this blog at all!  I plan only to journal my thoughts and experiences as the Managing Project Director for an Internet marketing firm and talk about what that means in regards to new ways to think about your approach to marketing our business online.  So pay attention because I’m certain that you’ll be able to learn something; I know I am and will!