eBook Designs for Different Devices

Viewing/Designing eBooks for different devices


The Adobe Acrobat Reader was developed to provide a means of viewing PDFs on a computer screen or laptop. But with over 16% of people using a handheld device daily for their means of internet the graphic size and page layout are definitely restricted by the screen size. So when designing an eBook for mainly handheld devices it is better to develop the eBooks in Microsoft Word, which is text based. However, if your viewers will be looking over your eBook on a computer screen or laptop then PageMaker, InDesign, or FrameMaker have some of the best layout design tools to make your eBook come alive on those specific devices. Keep reading for more information on designing an ebook for different devices…

eBook for Different Devices


When optimizing an eBook for different devices (handheld) there are also a few other considerations to keep in mind: Graphics, Fonts, Paragraphs, and Conversion setting. Thankfully however, Acrobat readers for specific devices are now free and are already installed on their respective handheld devices and accommodate their specific screen characteristics. Furthermore, reader software for each of these devices includes a Windows desktop application to make each device PDF friendly.

Here are a few considerations to take into account in order to optimize an eBook for different devices:

  • Graphics: With handheld device screen resolutions running between 160 x 160 for Palm OS devices and 320 x 240 for Pocket PC devices, graphics must be optimized for the target screen size if used at all. Note that while the majority of Pocket PC devices in use have color screens, many more Palm devices are out there right now without color. You could consider preparing your graphics in grayscale (thus creating a smaller file) for this reason.
  • Fonts: Use the common Base 14 system fonts that are installed on your computer. These typefaces have been optimized for on-screen viewing and produce the best results when viewed on a handheld device.
  • Paragraphs: Separate paragraphs with an additional hard carriage return for clearer visibility on the Palm handheld screen.
  • Conversion settings: For grayscale Palm handheld devices, Adobe suggests some slight changes to the eBook job option in the Acrobat Distiller.


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