Ask Barack Obama

Change is not coming to the marketing community. It is here!

Many companies have many questions about social media. What is it? How does it work? What does it cost? Is it a cost effective marketing strategy? Is it a good business decision?

As stated in previous blog entries, social media is different from traditional media. It is a two way conversation. It allows customers to express their opinions and ask questions. It is also a tremendous resource for information. It is a discussion about your industry, your company and your services.

If you are unsure about the power and the value of social media, just ask Barack Obama.

Obama’s Rivals Should Steal From His Social Playbook

In an article about Barack Obama’s use of social media in Advertising Age, Denise Shiffman explains how Obama used social media to communicate his message and engage the public.

“Today’s web and the new media that underpin it are known for the ability to create instant sensations. From Digg’s social news to CareerBuilder’s Monk-e-Mail campaign, companies can advance from zero to 20 million viewers practically overnight. The viral nature of this highly social, user-driven environment enables complete strangers to connect over common beliefs, desires or interests and together create winners and losers.”

“Obama’s campaign is immersed in his audience’s experience. He meets his audience where they already go on the web, and his message of “change” is packaged in a clear and consistent manner, much like the best consumer products.”

“Candidates must create interactive, personal and engaging Web marketing if they want to affect the conversations on the web. These conversations can affect voting decisions much as they can alter consumer purchasing behavior.”

The following interview with David Bullock, Obama’s Director of Online Research explains how Obama used social media and how “business can learn from the tools and strategy that Obama’s campaign used.”


“The first presidential campaign to fully embrace the ideas and practices of social media has met with a successful end. Senator Barack Obama has been elected the 44th President of the United States of America.”


Small Business Owners Reap Benefits of Social Media

A survey conducted by online payroll service SurePayroll, reports that “the prominence of social media is  growing.  Professional social networking site LinkedIn grew 187% over the past year.”

David Rohrer, SurePayroll’s online marketing manager, states that “(Social media) is no longer just an outlet for personal use — it’s rapidly becoming a must for business success”.

“What’s so great about the online world is you don’t need a million-dollar marketing budget. In fact, the most effective online connections are free personal communications from a business owner to their community.”

Taking it to the White House

In a 2007 YouTube interview, Obama said he intended to use the medium for “fireside chats.” He wants to “give the Internet audience a chance to question him directly.” You will be able to “ask Barack Obama”!

Change has come to the marketing community. More than 73% of American adults are online and more than half of Facebook users are over 35 years old.  Social media is a very powerful, very valuable and very cost effective marketing strategy.

Are your competitors communicating with your customers?

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