Local optimization tips for colleges and universities.

4 Easy Steps for Local Optimization for Universities in the Known Universe

Local optimization for colleges and universities is so important. Focusing on “local” in the online world is very helpful because it helps smaller schools more easily compete with larger ones and reach their audiences. Are you wondering what to do to improve the local optimization for your college or university? Check out the four ways below, adapted from Inkling Media.

1) Put your location in your title tag

Most people are making their searches based on locations. You don’t just Google “pizza” because you know you will end up with a lot of completely irrelevant hits; you Google “pizza in Memphis, TN.” Because everyone else does this too, adding your location to your title tag is a smart and easy thing to do.

It takes some work to get to the top of Google

2) Optimize your map listings

First you may need to check online map services (such as Google Maps or Bing Maps). Then claim and optimize your map listings. People want to know exactly where you are, and the map feature is one of the most used features.

3) Optimize your local accounts

Many search engines such as Google Places, Google +, Bing Places, FourSquare, and Yelp (among so many more) will automatically create a listing for you. Search your business name and see how many of these exist–then claim and optimize them each with as much information as possible. Because there may be some listings you’ve never even imagined you have (or could have), you can check a site like getlisted.org which make it super easy for you to see both unclaimed listings as well as sites where you could create a listing.

4) Keep contact info consistent

This one is so, so, so important for local optimization for colleges. You must keep all of your information the same across all of your online accounts–your website to your Facebook and everything in between. Having any variation in your name, address, or phone number (NAP) can create a negative ranking factor for you. On top of your NAP, the categories you pick should also stay consistent. These can be a little harder to keep consistent because they can be chosen by either pull-down or auto-fill (depending on the site).

Hopefully these tips on local optimization for colleges and universities help take away some of the mystery around the topic and show you how much a few simple steps can really help you build up your online presence!