Army of marching toy robots

Pondering 2016 Trends in Higher Ed Marketing

Sure an automated systems is probably a bunch of code and science that I don’t understand. But I like to imagine a sea of tiny robots buzzing around in my platform, doing my work while I get a mani-pedi. My little automated friends are pretending to be me, nurturing prospects, segmenting lists, managing workflows, sending emails, and always tracking everything.

Pretty much doing my every bidding. Yes, a little dark, since I am their human overlord. All of that juicy data they provide makes me so much more accurate I than I could ever be using my puny brain alone.

Folks with robot minions report a 36% reduction in repetitive tasks. They were able to target and nurture prospects 30% more effectively. Plus a jillion other neato things to help you show off to your boss.

Have a skim of the whitepaper, it may not all apply to you. But hopefully you’ll get some insight.

Deploy your marketing automation robot army today. Conquer the world one workflow at a time.