The most compelling marketing automation stats for 2016.

Meditations on the State of Marketing Automation

When you look at any posts talking about the rising trends in marketing, you find marketing automation stats mentioned in almost all of them. It’s been on the rise for a while but has seen incredible growth in just the last two years. In 2015, businesses spent over 1 billion dollars on systems last year. This was a 50% increase from 2013.

Robert Allen at Smart Insights posted an infographic last month highlighting some of the incredible marketing automation stats, everything from the most-used platforms to the most-used features.

The full infographic is down below, but I wanted to touch on some of the highlights here.

Most Used Doesn’t Mean Best Returns

You’ll notice that HubSpot may have nearly the same number of companies using it as all the others. This doesn’t mean, however, that they are providing the most results. That platform is only responsible for 11% of the revenue enabled by a marketing automation platform.

Most Useful Functions

Unsurprisingly, companies love their marketing automation platforms for the email marketing features that enable them to create personalized automated email nurturing campaigns. Also not very surprising, they find value in the ability to integrate their CRM right into their platform so they can manage their campaigns and their pipelines all in the same spot.

Top Benefits of Marketing Automation

All the top benefits of the marketing automation platforms revolve around leads (well, and the whole increase in efficiency benefit). Companies are able to easily create and manage campaigns, even quickly building effective landing pages that increase lead generation. Segmentation helps them personalize content and gain insight on their prospects, while a better lead scoring process lets them better identify when a prospect needs to be contacted.

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A collection of powerful marketing automation stats such as 11 times more B2B organizations are using marketing automation.

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