Video Infographics: Taking Non Profit Marketing to the Next Level

For Non Profits, raising funds to support their cause is an ongoing challenge.  Mix that in with developing awareness to bring in those funds and you’ve got a big task ahead of you.  Video MarketingSo today we’re going to talk about the power of Video Infographics.

Merging Infographics in to Video (Video Infographics) is one way to help make things a little bit easier and brings amazing results.

Get your facts and stats, some eye catching graphics and a catchy tune and you’ve got a powerful marketing tool.

Let’s take a look at some of the Non Profit giants and how they’ve used Video Infographics to “get the word out” and “educate and engage” with their audience:

Mozilla: Creator of Firefox- One of the major web browsers used by millions.


Microsoft Alumni Foundation


This one from does a great job explaining their mission and also gives a great example that can easily be customized to fit your message.


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