{Video} Give Forward – The Vision of One Foundation

There’s a common misconception about nonprofit organizations and foundations.

foundationYou don’t have to be the richest person in the world to make a difference. Sometimes donating your time can be even more valuable than anything money could buy.

We understand it can feel impossible to find the time when you’re juggling a full-time job, 4 rowdy kids, and trying to keep your house from being declared a disaster area. But by finding a little time every couple weeks (or however often you can) to volunteer at your local animal shelter or read to the elderly at a senior citizen’s home, you’re working to make a difference.

If you really do have 4 rowdy kids, try making it a family affair! Set an example for your kids now and show them the difference they can make in the world. Show them what it means to spark a smile on the face of someone who has been through a rough time, give someone food who hasn’t eaten in days, and feel the pride of being part of a heavy-duty clean up crew to beautify your area.

The point? Dream of a better world, join a community of like-minded folks doing great things, take your vision and give forward.

It started with a simple idea. The action-oriented people at the Salesforce.com Foundation decided to leverage their people, technology, and resources in order to improve communities around the globe. Each employee is entitled to 6 paid days off per year to work on the volunteer projects of their choice. The proof of their impact is all in the numbers:

  • Awarded $40+ million in grants
  • Volunteered a total of 445,000+ hours
  • Have over 17,500 nonprofit and higher ed customers

Want some motivation? Watch the extremely moving video below for a heaping spoonful of inspiration.