The PLET Method for Successfully Using Twitter

We presented the PLET method to the Sales and Marketing Society of the Mid-SouthI gave a workshop this week for the Sales & Marketing Society of the Mid-South as part of their new workshop series for their members. We covered our  4-step program to using Twitter for marketing or promoting a business,  The PLET Method.

  • Post – Why, What, When, How
  • Listen – Real-time searches and Monitoring Tools
  • Engage – Rules of Engagement, Best Practices
  • Track – Analytics, URLs, Phone numbers

More and more businesses are recognizing the need to get involved in social media, which means that social media “experts are popping up left and right.  Beware anyone who tells you they are social media expert. Here’s a great example of why I say that: click here but beware, definitely some R-rated language (funny though).

Three of my favorite points from this workshop were my reasons why everyone should get involved in social media:

  1. 3 out of 4 Americans are using social technology
  2. Typical cost of a social media account is $0.00
  3. Social media is like word of mouth on steroids

It’s exciting that so many of those in the workshop were totally new to Twitter and wanted to see if Twitter had potential for their marketing and communications. With so much buzz coming up, we’ll have another series of classes on social media very soon with our friends at Howell Marketing Strategies. More details on that soon, but this time we’re planning on a 4-day workshop, focusing one day each on: Strategy, Twitter, Facebook, & YouTube (but possibly SlideShare or LinkedIn as well).