The Mystery Of Free Automated Link Exchange

Free Automated link exchange
Since the day Google launched the Page Rank tool bar, webmasters all around the world have been busy fetching automated links for their websites. As we all know, what makes this Google green bar go dancing are juicy links. Then came the era of free automated link exchange when people started exchanging links from each other, link farms, link exchange directories etc. so much that the quest for free automated link exchange became rampant and Search Engines were flooded with spammy websites & free link exchange directories started ranking on the top of the charts.

Google fights free Automated link exchange
Soon after, Google took the initiative when it launched Google Hilltop algorithm and declared, officially, that it will start penalizing websites which indulge themselves in free automated link exchange and reciprocal link exchange. It affirmed that only the industry relevant links would count. So, what kind of free automated link exchange exist? There are several sites which offer free automated link exchange like Automated Link Exchanger, etc.

Stay away from Free Automated Link Exchange
When webmasters realized that free automated link exchange is not going to get them far, they turned to a new method of link building i.e. one way links (3-way links) and Free For All Links Directory (FFA links directory), which did not require a reciprocal links exchange system. For some period, these directory link submission did succeed in getting high rankings of websites. However, Google is constantly upgrading its algorithm to combat black-hat link building techniques. Over a period of time, Google has made these techniques and free automated link exchange software redundant and useless. Things have changed now. One has to be very careful while carrying out their link building campaigns. Good advise is to stay away from any kind of free automated link exchange programs, reciprocal links exchange, free link exchange directories. Doing any type of reciprocal text link exchange is also risky since you may end up exchanging links with bad neighborhoods.

Article and Content Links Replace Free Automated Link Exchange
If not free automated link exchange, then what? Preserving the essence of the web, Google and other search engines have been professing securing links, which have editorial discretion. They feel that if an author has written an article about a topic and has cited a topic-relevant link, then it carries real user value. If one tries, it is not difficult to get good quality one-way links from  article and content pages.