Measuring Social Media Campaigns

Nonprofits face a unique set of challenges when it comes to promoting themselves through social media. Different than traditional businesses, nonprofits need to attract donors and volunteers, as well as build awareness for their cause. Engagement through various social media channels has quickly become go-to tool for nonprofits to spread awareness and increase engagement. These […]

Social Media “Cool Kids”: Google+ and Pinterest

Recently two new big shots are making themselves known on the Social Networking playground: Google+ and Pinterest. With every new Social Network that launches, it’s like another invitation to a big party and frankly, it can easily become overwhelming to try to keep up with a social calendar with all those options. When you’re using […]

Pinterest: A Powerful Business Tool

Have you heard the chatter surrounding Pinterest lately? One of the biggest things we’re hearing from folks that use Pinterest is “I’m totally addicted!!!” Hmmm. From a business or marketing standpoint, this get’s our attention. What’s one of the most important rules of starting, maintaining, growing a business? NETWORKING. Neverending NETWORKING. And then some more […]