Reaching Non-Profit Donors with Digital Marketing – Part Two

In our previous post, we talked about non-profit organizations reaching donors through digital marketing strategies such as knowing your target audience, organizing your database with a versatile CRM, having a well designed and optimized website, and email marketing. Here we will discuss reaching out via social media, content and mobile marketing.

How Your Non-Profit Social Media Can Expand Your Influence Online [Part Two]

In our previous post, we delved into the cornerstones of building a solid online presence such as a strong, optimized website, creating a blog, and using email marketing.  In this segment, we present an overview of social media management and mobile marketing.

How Non-profits Can Expand Their Sphere of Influence Online – Part One

Creating an effective presence on the web requires strategy.   Each piece of your organization’s online persona works together like a well-oiled machine to create buzz, build a strong following, inspire volunteers, and drive donations. Pieces of the Online Puzzle Expanding your non-profit’s influence will not only take strategy, it will take some time as well.  […]