5 Reasons Colleges & Universities Need a Mobile Website

In today’s increasingly mobile-connected world, colleges and universities need mobile websites. Without one, you may be alienating a large chunk of your target audience: mobile-dependent, college-age millennials. Here are 5 reasons why colleges and universities need mobile websites. 1. You’re Getting Left Behind without One Almost 60% of universities had some form of a mobile presence in 2012. In […]

5 Steps to a Perfect Applicant Funnel for Your College

Email marketing for universities through inbound marketing is an excellent option for capturing targeted, potential applicants into your email list. To capture students seeking information about colleges and universities, you will need to create and optimize your applicant funnel. A successful applicant funnel will efficiently and effectively convert targeted leads into applicants. Ultimately, maximizing your […]

How Can Nonprofits Use Twitter Ads?

If you’re an avid Twitter user, you’ve probably encountered a number of sponsored items on your timeline like promoted topics, tweets and search results. Those spots aren’t reserved for just the big-name brands anymore.So, how can nonprofits use twitter ads? Here’s how you can get started. Although Twitter’s advertising platform is invite-only, the network will […]

The 5 Nonprofit Email Marketing Rules Every Organization Should Follow

Nonprofit email marketing can be an extremely effective medium for promoting your organization when it’s done correctly. Most email marketing mistakes are an easy fix when you follow the right guidelines. When drafting you’re next email blast, make sure you follow these five essential rules for nonprofit email marketing success. 1. Don’t Ignore Mobile Users The […]