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{Video} Bright Minds Scholarship Program

“College is like an unopened book with no title: you have no idea what’s in store, but you know you’re going to learn something.” For a great portion of high schoolers and other individuals bent on advancing academically, college is a goal they’ve set for themselves early on. Sure, the plan sounds simple; Decide on […]

5 Steps to a Perfect Applicant Funnel for Your College

Email marketing for universities through inbound marketing is an excellent option for capturing targeted, potential applicants into your email list. To capture students seeking information about colleges and universities, you will need to create and optimize your applicant funnel. A successful applicant funnel will efficiently and effectively convert targeted leads into applicants. Ultimately, maximizing your […]

{Infographic} Social Media & MBA Programs

If you’ve been to our blog before, you know how we feel about nonprofit organizations, businesses, your mom, your cat, and basically everyone in the world utilizing social media. If not (spoiler alert), we’re total fans of social media networking. One industry that’s beginning to take more advantage of social media is higher education. Even […]