3 Tips to Utilize Infographics in Higher Education Marketing

Bold, colorful visuals possess an almost magnetic force with the power to yank even the most predictable web addict from their normal routine. In fact, studies show 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. So it’s no secret why online marketers and internet perusers alike love infographics. Their visual appeal meshed with easily […]

The Nonprofit Scoop: Google Grants (Part 2)

Did Part One of our The Nonprofit Dish: Google Grants series convince you to check into Google Grants for your nonprofit organization? Or do you need more info to seal the deal? Either way, we’ve compiled a list of numerous tips meant to save you research time and demonstrate how to fully utilize your Google Grants account. […]

{Infographic} Social Media & MBA Programs

If you’ve been to our blog before, you know how we feel about nonprofit organizations, businesses, your mom, your cat, and basically everyone in the world utilizing social media. If not (spoiler alert), we’re total fans of social media networking. One industry that’s beginning to take more advantage of social media is higher education. Even […]

The Nonprofit Scoop: Google Grants (Part 1)

When you think of nonprofits, which organizations leap to the forefront of your mind? Did you think of big name organizations like The American Red Cross or St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital? What if you’re part of an up-and-coming organization with humongous dreams and colossal goals? How are you reaching out to others and making […]