Why you should invest in SEO during the recession

  SEO is a hot buzz-word and the searches for SEO companies has been steadily on the rise since 2004 according to Google Trends. With advertising budgets being trimmed and marketing dollars dwindling in the face of our now “official” recession, I want to explain to you the reasons why you should be actively investing […]

The Facts: Measurability and Search Engine Marketing

Measurability and Search Engine Marketing: what you need to know about measuring the effectiveness of your efforts. How do you justify the value of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)? This is a question that we constantly have to answer to business owner to justify the value of hiring an Internet marketing firm. Since SEM is a […]

Want to track Adobe Flash? Now you can!

This is exciting news for web designers and e-marketers alike! Google has released a new method for using Google Analytics with Flash! Yesterday, at the Adobe MAX Conference in San Francisco, a joint collaboration between Adobe and a some third party developers announced a simplified solution for tracking Flash content called Google Analytics Tracking For Adobe […]

Why online marketing?

I attended a Small Business Chamber function tonight and met some interesting new people.  What’s more interesting to me, though, is how few people that I come into contact with are making any kind of effort in regards to their online marketing. It’s easy to understand why a start-up would not rank their Internet marketing […]