SEO Research: Understanding Your Online Presence

Your search engine optimization campaign will always start with research and planning. In this phase, you’ll need to determine your goals for your SEO campaign and develop a strategy for effectively meeting them. Identifying the Right Keywords for SEO Research There’s a common misconception that research only involves picking out some high volume keywords (the words or […]

How Google Analytics Keyword Data Affects Marketing

In October, Google announced they were going to start encrypting search results for anyone logged into their Google account. This means that their search queries won’t show up in analytics as they have in the past, but instead are now displayed as Google Analytics Keyword (not provided). This has created a huge hole in a […]

The Importance of Blogging to Networking and SEO

Utilizing your blog can help you network with those within the same industry, as well as increase the success of your SEO campaign.

Understanding how to market to search engines: much more than traditional SEO

If you want to be successful with your website, you MUST be successful in marketing to search engines, but beware: search engine marketing is much more than just simple “SEO” despite what some neo-experts may tell you!