Valeo offers specialized marketing to nonprofits to serve those who serve others.



How Your Free Online Marketing Consultation Works

  1. We dive into your nonprofit’s current marketing tactics, evaluating what is working for you and what may be holding your nonprofit back.
  2. We analyze hundreds of different strategies and build you a custom plan, we wrap our minds around the tech so you don’t have to!
  3. We will give you a total snapshot: where you are now, and what you will need to do to realize your nonprofit’s marketing goals to enhance fundraising and advocacy work.
  4. After that, it is completely up to you. You can take everything from the call (easily worth over $1000) and, if you wish and execute yourself, or…
  5. If we discover we are a good agency-client fit for both of us, we will review retainer plans, one-time packages that may be appropriate, and finalize a monthly action plan designed to multiply your website’s fundraising potential.


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Please be aware that due to the value of what we’re offering, availability may be limited. We’d love to talk to you before we talk to anyone else, so reserve your no-obligation consultation today!

Get Your Nonprofit Website Audit today!

An important note: if the fit is right and we DO end up working together, rest assured that my team and I have a “do everything” approach that lets you focus on what you do best, while we focus on turning your website into a revenue generating machine for your business. We will rely on your industry expertise, but that’s it!I have spent over a decade developing processes, systems, and software that ensure we can achieve amazing results for our clients. And trust me, that’s a much safer bet than spending tens of thousands of dollars on software, attending the right conferences, and trying to do it yourself.

Sincerely, James Hutto (Signature)

James Hutto

P.S. – I only take on a limited number of clients because I work hands-on with your account through the entire web design process. I am always accountable to you and meet with you regularly to inform you of where things stand, give updates, and receive your feedback. You’ll also be assigned a Project Manager who will regularly keep in contact and answer any questions you may have.

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