{Infographic} Why Online Marketing is a Big Deal for Nonprofits

In the process of researching today’s infographic post, I stumbled upon this list of 7 Wonderfully Wacky Charities. I called my husband over, forcing him to bask in the glow of hilarity this compilation was sure to offer. We hungrily read each article, searching for some comedic line or tidbit to punch us right in the funny bone. We reached the end of the list and…..

….nothing. I couldn’t figure out why. I mean, naked clowns? Donkeys? This list has the makings of being a laugh riot!

Then it dawned on me. Someone out there cared enough about a cause to create a charity. They have a following. They’re attracting donors. They’re make a DIFFERENCE.

But how do small, localized foundations like this end up, to quote Rush, “living in the limelight”? The answer: Online Marketing.

Online marketing provides nonprofits with new ways to reach donors (like email marketing, blogging, social media). With more nonprofit organizations utilizing these methods, it’s no wonder online giving is at an all-time high.

So what does this mean for you small nonprofit orgs out there? If you’re not marketing online, it’s time to Nike up and JUST DO IT!

For some more sweet online giving stats, take a peek at the infographic below.

Just getting started and not sure what part of the internet you should sink your teeth into? We know the nonprofit industry like nobody’s business!


Many thanks to: Why Online Fundraising is the Future – Infographic