If you're trying to market on Twitter, it's important to learn some simple Twitter Psychology.

{Infographic} Twitter Psychology for Marketers

Today we’re talking about Twitter Psychology, which is more important than you might think. Why? Well, those who are looking to market themselves via Twitter can find themselves wondering why people are unfollowing them, or why they are not being retweeted. Knowing what Twitter users find important or how they are likely to respond is very important in both earning and keeping followers.

WhiteFireSEO conducted some research, and we are sharing two important facts here with you today.

Twitter Psychology Fact #1: It’s hard to overshare, but it’s very important that you don’t overshare.

The good news when it comes to overshare is that it is far, far more difficult to overshare on Twitter than on other social media sites like Facebook or Google+. Want to update your Twitter 20 or 30 times a day? Go for it. However, the bad news about oversharing is that it is the number one way to lose followers as well. So this is a line you want to walk carefully.

Twitter Psychology Fact #2: It can be incredibly easy to get people to retweet you–if you’re interesting enough.

Ah, the illusive retweet. It’s what we all hope for when we send out a tweet, and yet it can be so hard to determine what will be worthy of that. As it turns out, the answer is both simple and complicated. The tweets that are most likely to be retweet only need to be A) interesting or B) funny. It is not particularly helpful for one to offer an incentive–something for free. And it is even less helpful to beg for a retweet.

Take a look at the infographic for more interesting Twitter Psychology and continue to check our blog for more tips on successful marketing.


Many Thanks to: WhiteFireSEO