{Infographic} The Good & The Bad in Grad School

Thinking of applying to Grad School? You’re not the only one! Thousands of undergraduates pursue grad school annually to obtain stellar careers with higher salaries. But is it really worth the effort? Read what we have to say before establishing your verdict.

Let’s start with the “cons” side of our pros and cons list. As the infographic below shows, there are several reasons to consider NOT applying for grad school. Numero uno on the list for MBA programs, or any college programs really, is cost. Tuition is a killer these days! People have been known to throw in the towel before entering the ring when they see the cost of tuition.

We’ll counter this argument right off the bat: Before saying “No way, Jose” to grad school, research the average salary within your career field. Bet it’s higher than your tuition! There’s also scholarships and financial aid. In fact, certain employers offer up to 54% of financial aid for grad school. Who knew?

Let’s end our funky pros and cons list with a pro. For all you academia-nauts out there hunting for your dream job, over 75% of business school grads were employed prior to graduation in 2011. Pretty sweet deal, right?

I believe our point has been made: Attending Grad School = Killer Idea. Check out the below infographic for your fill of higher ed data. Happy schooling!


Many thanks to: Via Visual on Pinterest