{Infographic} Storytelling With Social Media: One Frame at a Time

All nonprofits are superheroes. And every superhero has a story.

Although your story may lack the extremely durable cape, it possesses elements identical to those found in superhero comics: the same burning desire to save, preserve, or call attention to a cause you and your team are passionate about.

social mediaBut what else does a nonprofit superhero need to match the success of comic book superheroes?

Answer: Captivating images and videos to spread awareness of your unique story.

For nonprofit organizations, a camera and social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+ offer you the same benefits as pen and paper offer a comic book artist. For example, on Facebook images and videos generate WAY more attention than plain ol’ link and text posts. If you’re ready to start sharing your nonprofit’s saga via social media, start by writing it out. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where does your story begin? What drew you to this particular mission?
  • What kind of superhero are you? Do you fight for the downtrodden? Do you provide a voice for those who can’t speak?
  • Every great superhero needs an arch nemesis, the scorn of their existence. Who or what is the Joker to your Batman?
  • What can the everyday joe do to help? Always include a call-to-action in your social media posts.

Now it’s up to you to share your unique story with EVERYONE. Use this information to promote your cause. Post action snapshots or videos on your social media pages of your nonprofit fighting to make a difference. Remember: Social media is a powerful outreach tool. Try not to focus on just Facebook or Pinterest. Promote your story on each of your social media accounts, your blog, or your email marketing campaign.

For more reasons to promote your story using Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc., check out the astounding statistics in the infographic below.

Too busy saving the world to dig into social media marketing? Never fear! Our team has the super-human abilities to spread awareness of your cause one status update at a time.

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