{Infographic} Social Media ROI Breakdown

If you’ve known us here at Valeo for even a little while, you’ve probably already heard us talk about the power of social media at least, oh, probably a gajillion times.   Why? Because…..

 Social Media is most definitely a powerful tool when used correctly.

Customer service is one of the great assets for a successful business.  Getting to know your customers, developing a relationship and creating loyalty are all part of the success formula.  Social media is just one more way to interact and get to know your client base.

Let’s take a look at this great infographic that shows a complete Social Media ROI (Return on Investment) Breakdown:

When used correctly, social media brings nearly unmeasurable success.

Just like the infographic says, for now the only way to see what kind of results you’re getting from your social media is by paying close attention to traffic, leads and conversion rates.  Fortunately, your Valeo team knows the right formulas and metrics to utilize to be able to put a true dollar amount value to your efforts.