{Infographic} Social Media & MBA Programs

If you’ve been to our blog before, you know how we feel about nonprofit organizations, businesses, your mom, your cat, and basically everyone in the world utilizing social media. If not (spoiler alert), we’re total fans of social media networking.

One industry that’s beginning to take more advantage of social media is higher education. Even though it’s still winter, Master of Business Administration (MBA) Programs are taking a running leap and diving headfirst into the social media pool.

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth interviewed 70 of the nation’s top MBA schools to learn more about their social media usage and the results were quite surprising. While Facebook is the #1 social media network MBA programs are using, Twitter is an extremely close second. While that in itself isn’t remarkable (considering those are the 2 most used social media platforms worldwide), what is surprising is that over half the schools surveyed said they use 5 or more social media tools, with Thunderbird School of Global Management using a total of 14 social media tools altogether. Awesome!

Stretch those brain muscles a bit by reading more about the study in the infographic below. Thanks for reading!

Social Media & MBA Programs

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