{Infographic} Infographics: Powerful Nonprofit Marketing Tools

Infographics are by far the most amazing thing to grace the internet since Lolcats and (it’s lifechanging). They combine relevant facts and bold images all in one handy graphic. Now, it goes without saying certain industries *cough* nonprofits *cough* infographicscould benefit more from the visual stimulation infographics provide. The importance behind any organization’s cause or mission can easily be expressed using this form of media.

With the amount of free creative tools online, your nonprofit SHOULD be taking advantage of this medium.

Here are three reasons why it would be completely and utterly insane for you not to create your own infographics.

  • People love visuals. According to the infographic below, more than 60% of the population are visual learners. If you use just the right images, your infographics could elicit a degree of emotion even the most well-written blog post or email couldn’t match.
  • Infographics provide a new medium for telling your story. How did your organization come to be? What struggles have you faced so far? How about success stories and case studies? Infographics are the perfect way to share your story, raise awareness, and enhance your support structure.
  • Infographics are foldable and fit right into your pocket! Seriously though, infographics can be used anywhere. Emails, Facebook, blog posts, etc. No matter what type of online marketing campaign you choose, an infographic will enhance it.

For more infographic goodness and resources, take a gander at the infographic below (an infographic within an infographic = info-ception). What tools does your organization use to build infographics? Tell us about it in the comments section!