{Infographic} How Much Do Nonprofits Invest in Social Media?

Social media is a deliciously hypnotic networking tool. It’s exactly what our society of go-getters desire: a clever opener, an idea, and a call to action combined in one post (preferably under 140 characters).

nonprofitYet some nonprofit organizations are still on the fence about implementing social media as part of their marketing strategy. According to the infographic below, over 60% of nonprofit organizations are spending more time on social media compared to a year ago. On top of that, an astounding four times the amount of organizations are increasing their social media budget compared to those who have decreased theirs.

Why such a large jump within a short time? Many nonprofits are finally seeing social media as the innovative outreach tool it’s meant to be. With one clever, concise message, an organization can easily:

  • Engage/build relationships with supporters & donors
  • Draw traffic to your site and cause
  • Establish yourself as an expert within your niche

Still curious about upping your social media budget? This infographic gives us a look at how much time and money nonprofit organizations are currently investing in social media.

What do you think? Will this upwards trend continue? Leave your opinion in the comments below!

The majority of non-profits invest between 6-10 hours on social media each week.

Many thanks to: antsmagazine.com via Social Local on Pinterest