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{Infographic} 6 Simple Steps to Building an On-Page SEO Strategy

Who doesn’t love crossing a task off their to do list? I’m talking about archiving resolved emails from clients or checking off a completed assignment in your Evernote. It’s amazing how this simple act can give you such a surprising sense of accomplishment.

Now, here’s the deal: We want you to experience the “success kid” feeling of completing a list specifically dedicated to your site’s on-page SEO. To get you started, we’ve added four additional steps on top of the six listed in the infographic below to help you formulate your own SEO Strategy Checklist.

  1. Produce high-quality content. While this step does take time to master, it is extremely vital to your success. Do your research, read other blogs, and try to compile as much valuable data as possible. Remember: Quality content = Sharable content.
  2. To build off #3, try using long tail keywords or phrases in your content. Long tail keywords allow a more specific audience to easily locate your site. Here’s another reason to use long tail keywords: According to, 70% of all searches completed on the web currently are long tail.
  3. Promote new posts via social media. Social media provides the perfect platform for both sharing and gaining audience perspective on your content.
  4. Find the right tools to help you further automate your SEO strategy. If you’re using WordPress to manage your content, consider installing the Yoast plugin. Yoast is an all-in-one plugin developed solely to help you completely optimize your site. Customize meta descriptions, ensure focus keywords are prevalent throughout your content, and have access to an simple-to-read SEO analysis of your page.

We hope this list helps you establish a thorough SEO strategy for each page on your site. The sooner you get started, the better! Using another plugin for SEO or that’s efficient in another way? Give us the dirty details in the comments section below.

Use these steps to improve your SEO on-page strategy.

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