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The Facts: Measurability and Search Engine Marketing

Measurability and Search Engine Marketing: what you need to know about measuring the effectiveness of your efforts. How do you justify the value of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)? This is a question that we constantly have to answer to business owner to justify the value of hiring an Internet marketing firm. Since SEM is a […]

Google’s new SearchWiki feature

Google has introduced a new way for you to mark up your own search results, by giving Google users the ability to move a site that may have ranked 5th in organic results to position number 1. Or maybe a search result that isn’t there and you would like to add it- well, that’s now […]

Want to track Adobe Flash? Now you can!

This is exciting news for web designers and e-marketers alike! Google has released a new method for using Google Analytics with Flash! Yesterday, at the Adobe MAX Conference in San Francisco, a joint collaboration between Adobe and a some third party developers announced a simplified solution for tracking Flash content called Google Analytics Tracking For Adobe […]

Ask Barack Obama

Change is not coming to the marketing community. It is here! Many companies have many questions about social media. What is it? How does it work? What does it cost? Is it a cost effective marketing strategy? Is it a good business decision? As stated in previous blog entries, social media is different from traditional […]