Article Syndication Tips – Part 2

  • You may use this quick shortcut to find directory websites with specific URLs for their link pages – i.e. links.html, add_link.html, add_site.html. Just go to Google and do a search for “inurl:links” or “inurl:add_link”.
  • RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is the modern format of conventional content syndication, where you have the chance to dominate the Search Engines with your presence on the SERPs as you syndicate your web content to other sites and have it read by individuals with a news reader application – either on their desktop or online. Unlike article syndication, RSS feed can even be as small as a news item or expert advice like this one. Search engines pay a lot of attention to RSS feeds to evaluate the ranking of a website. Also, the fastest way to get your content indexed in Yahoo! is to add your feed to a MyYahoo page.
  • Here is a wonderful resource to understand the types of Content Syndication and how to do it. But if you are looking to publish your feed, you may want to check out this tutorial.
  • Have you ever noticed that as soon as you buy a new car, you see it all over the road? When women get pregnant, suddenly they start seeing other pregnant women everywhere. When couples give birth of to their first child, they stop noticing pregnant women and start seeing babies around every corner. This is called selective perception. Human tendency makes us watch out what matters to us most.
  • Pretty much, like Mascots, content copywriting is an art of using your command over language to tap the right emotions and evoke positive feelings in the minds of the visitors.